BBL™ Broadband Light Treatment Photofacial


The Longevity Medical Spa, which is located in Oklahoma City, is offering a form of Broadband Light Therapy (BBL) to help its guests to achieve a fresher and more even look to their skin. The applications must be done in sessions and, according to Dr. Darryl Robinson from the spa, they can be very helpful in combating wrinkles, as well as the damage from the sun. Dr. Robinson explained that that the light energy is used to treat the skin as it “targets the collagen fibers” which are located between the skin’s surface. This helps to eliminate the imperfections and darker pigments that can make the skin look uneven. Each treatment session is made up of light flashes for a length of around thirty minutes. Cool air helps to manage any discomfort that may occur.

Photo facials are very popular, as they give your skin a more even toned and youthful appearance without very harsh procedures or surgery. “Broad band light” just means that they are using select wavelengths from the whole (broad) spectrum, specifically blue, green, amber and red, to achieve various anti-aging results on the skin. You can find out exactly what each color can do for you in our LED Photofacial article.


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